Soap X - Soap Free Carpet and Floor Cleaner 5 Gallon Concentrate

Product Description
Finally, a true environmental cleaner without soap or residue which is designed to clean mold & mildew, dirt, bugs, oil, grease, brake dust, drink/food stains, pet stains, etc. from machinery, floors, carpets, tarps, upholstery, automotive exterior, tires/wheels, engines, glass, etc. Soap X is an EPA Designed For The Environment Technology and has a 90% biobased content as tested by ASTM D6866. Soap X is a safe, industrial strength, non-hazardous, environmentally responsible, cleaner / degreaser designed to replace hazardous alkaline and butyl cleaners in manual and machine cleaning operations. It is a state of the art, Highly Concentrated Neutral pH Cleaner with outstanding cleaning ability, no soap and does not leave a residue. Soap X is extremely versatile with applications including manual spray, soak tanks, tunnel spray, pressure washer, closed cabinet washers and ultra-sonics. Typical dilution is 9:1 (9 gallons water to 1 gallon Soap X) for heavy duty applications, but it can be diluted further for medium to light soil loads. Soap X is safe on water soluble surfaces including multi-metal substrates, painted surfaces, unpainted surfaces, fiberglass, plastics, fabrics and carpets. Soap X makes an outstanding, environmentally responsible industrial strength cleaner / degreaser that replaces most of the hazardous cleaning products currently in use.