Ewbank Steam Dynamo for Cleaning Without Chemicals EA-1000

Product Description
This Carpet Steam Cleaner has a powerful 1500w motor and comes with a range of useful attachments that help you to eliminate dirt, grease, mold and stains without needing to use chemical cleaners, it simply cleans and sanitizes using the power of steam. A built in storage compartment gives you easy access to the cleaning tools, which include, floor head cleaner with brush, two nylon brushes, a window and tile cleaning attachment, two extension tubes, nozzle adapter with jet nozzle, filling jug, funnel and a towel bonnet. The cleaner has a fifty ounce capacity tank which gives you up to forty five minutes of steaming time. This steam cleaner is a multi-surface cleaner safe for use on: Hardwood and laminate flooring, Wool and synthetic carpets, Linoleum and ceramic floors and tiles, concrete. Includes a floor head cleaner with brush, mini and regularly sized nylon brushes, a window and tile cleaner, a push button nozzle adapter with a jet nozzle, two extension tubes, a water jug, funnel and towel bonnet.