DirtDevil SteamMop w CarpetPad by Dirt Devil - PD2000B

Product Description
The powerful Dirt Devil PD20008 Easy Steam Deluxe Mop features a continuous steam generating system that distributes steam across the entire pad surface. The smooth, even steam helps reduce pad soaking for fewer smears and streaks. The Dirt Devil deluxe steam mop uses regular tap water and takes hardly 30 seconds to come into operation. It includes a microfiber dusting pad that is easy to clean and maintain. The typically designed carpet glide attachment makes it easier to cleanse carpets and rugs. The kit has 2 multi-layer microfiber cloth pads, a fill cup and a funnel. The dusting pad and cloth pads included in the easy steam mop are machine washable. With a combination of a comfortable design and smooth operation this handheld steam mop is a very handy tool for every household.