Akz-9018 10906 Dragon Jet Steam Cleaner Pressure Injection System

Product Description
While the conventional steam cleaner is a pump type, since this "dragon jet" is a pressurization injection type, its detergency is strong in a completely different class. And as a handy type, it is 100℃ high-pressure steam of the industry highest temperature, and the detergency of surprise is demonstrated, dirt, such as a gas range and a wheel of a car, is melted, and it drops finely, and also demonstrates power also to the disinfection and tick repulse which are the advantages of high-pressure steam. A pressurization injection type generates high-pressure steam in the one interior of a room, and steam far hotter than the thing of a pump type spouts it in order to carry out direct injection of the steam, maintaining it. Size: 23.5 cm of a main part / width 22x quantities, weight / the 1.7kg code: 4.8 m Material: A main part, an attachment/PP, a cloth cover / cotton, a shoulder belt/nylon Rated voltage: AC100V, 50/60-Hz power consumption:1000W The highest injection-pressure power: 3 atmospheres