250KG/hour Stainless steel meat slicer cutter,meat cutting dicing machine,dicer, shred

Product Description
Usually the product should take about 6--13 business days to arrive your hand after your payment is confirmed

The Meat slicer is designed to cut meat into silk, pieces and granular.
Suitable for medium and small restaurants, catering chains, meat processing industry, school and factory's canteen.
Stainless steel + 250KG per hour+ customs blade size + 110V/220V + meat cutting machine

1.One-time cut the meat into silk.
2.Double motor drive, can respectively control, can cut meat to piece and silk both.
3.Double cutter,also can dice meat to cube,cut one-time to silk,twice to granular.
4. Cutter took external hanging design patent, wash disassembly convenience sanitation is good security.
5. If you want to process different thickness meat, you just need to change the relevant cutter can be achieved.
6. The machine equipped with safety protection switch, when the cutting tool exposed, the machine will auto-lock and can't work, it can ensure safety.
7.Blades made of special stainless steel material, hardness is 52 degrees, durable. The transmission part is worm gear transmission.

Product material :: stainless steel
Voltage: : 110/220v (V)(optional, by default, we will ship according to the voltage of your Country)
Power (kw): : 0.55x2
GW: : 78(kg)
Packaging: : Cartons/wooden case
Dimension: : 44 * 46 * 55 (cm)
Production :: 250KG/hour
Cutting thickness:: 3 mm (2.5mm-50mm can be optional, if you need, please contact us by e-mail , according to customers' requirements customization)
Cut thickness :: Within 2.5-50MM can make order,Can not adjust but can change different size of blade.