1oz (300+ seeds) RED STRAWBERRY POPCORN Corn seeds DECORATIVE PRETTY MAIZE mahogany red kernel

Product Description
STRAWBERRY POPCORN 105 days. The mahogany red kernels give this decoratively charming little popcorn its' name. Broad ears are strawberry shaped. Great addition to flower bed and perfect for fall arrangements. Strawberry popcorn seeds are fun and easy to grow in your garden. The small 2-3" cobs resemble strawberries in shape and color. Strawberry popcorn plants grow only 4 feet tall and produce mahogany colored cobs with blonde husks. This unique looking cob makes great autumn decorations and tastes great popped. Our kids get a kick out of popping strawberry popcorn. Sow strawberry popcorn seeds 3 inches apart after all chance of frost has passed. Keep moist until sprouts are established then thin to 6 - 9 inches. Strawberry popcorn seeds should be planted in rows to ensure pollination. A group of at least 3 rows 2-3 feet apart is most effective.