11.2x22.5cm (4.4x8.86 Inch) Pure Aluminum Foil Heat Seal Pouches Safety Bulk Food Storage Vacuum Packaging Bags Nut Coffee Smell Leak Proof Food Grade Safe Pack with Tear Notches (100, Golden)

Product Description
1.. Dimension: 11.2x22.5cm (4.4x8.86 Inch)
2. Material: Pure Aluminum Foil
3. Design: Open Top, with Tear Notches

1. Waterproof, keep products clean and free from moisture.
2. vacuum, heat seal. Can use the heat sealing sealer to seal the bag
3. Perfect for food coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookie, tea, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, powder, snack and more long term storage

Please note that:
1) in order to achieve the effect of vacuum seal, please check your vacuum sealer can vacuum these glossy bags before you order (some vacuum sealer only can vacuum bags with lines)
2) As manual measurement, please allow the size of the item will be a small range error
3) Please confirm the size before you place an order